Brand Mantra: Clarity & Co.


As you probably know, a ‘mantra’ is

a short message that is repeated very often

– and such slowly but sustainably enters our subconscious, our perspective – and therefore our actions. At OVERW8 we use ‘mantras’ to help our clients stay on a chosen track. Now, today we’ve got a mantra for you to inspire your actions when implementing your branding:




Brand Mantra - to be used as a constant inspiration, it's about confidence, clarity, charisma

These three words are a great combination as they are so closely intertwined.

Clarity and consistency are probably the hardest parts – and the root of everything else.

Once you’re clear,

everything gets easier – prioritizing, communicating…

but getting there isn’t that simple (though we help with that, of course).

Get those two right and charisma will follow.

If you feel, this mantra could be helpful, why not just print it out and keep it in sight over your desk?

Which ‘mantras’ or reminders do you and your team use to keep the implementation of your branding on track?

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