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Used by financial analysts to indicate that a stock is expected to considerably outperform its competitors.


Focus on Enterprise Value

At OVERW8, our name expresses the fact that we see

customers, brands, and intellectual property

as integral to enterprise value

– and we take an integral approach to

helping you increase your company’s value long-term.

Web Design

Online Shops e.g. Shopify

Shop pages can no longer afford to look dull and decrepit. We often recommend Shopify, because it offers an all-round brand experience – not just online, but also at the POS.

Jimdo: Setup & Optimization

You don’t always need WordPress & Co. for an impressive online presence. Less complex systems such as Jimdo might be able to show the quality of your work as well. We advise you on selecting other systems such as Wix or Squarespace.

WordPress Page Setup

The modular system for websites: We love it, because it grows individually with your brand and business model.

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Some of our work #WebDesign #Branding:

Sustainable SEO pleases customers and brands:

@Home International

Trashy SEO wasn’t an option for a strong end-customer brand in our portfolio. We chose communicative quality and a slightly unconventional method. The result proved us right.

Social media: Test, optimize, test...

@Home International

A digital B2B magazine was promoted on social media – on a completely new page with minimal search engine traffic. Against all expectations, the content was shared much more avidly by LinkedIn users – despite the content being in German. Learning: If it doesn’t involve a lot more effort, learn by testing rather than by suspecting.


Brand Optimizing Check Up

How well positioned is your brand identity to reach your customers now and in the future? Does the concept fit the target audience? How aligned is your brand image? Are they any gaps?


Brand images can be a bit woolly, particularly with owner-operated businesses, because the owner’s mission statement hasn’t been identified or clearly defined. We help you set these vital cornerstones.

Brand Development/Update Workshop

We develop your brand identity WITH you, not for you. Step-by-step, we work together to transform your ideas into tangible reality. We often use workshops. The process – which participants invariably find fun and which is highly effective – is then structured by us and coached.

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Research & Testing


Ask customers what they think: ideal for all projects and products that are not TOO innovative and/or are sufficiently concretized.

UX Tests

Before a new or revamped online presence goes live, it’s important to check the user experience and optimize it right away, if necessary. This is the one big thing you can do to make sure your relaunch budget is well-spent.

UX: Mystery Shopping

The online version of the undercover shopper from the old days: a highly effective method, especially for online shops, to test customer-relevant processes and websites in context.

UX: Expert Evaluations

The logical interim step in or before a relaunch: Web design and user experience experts produce an evaluation of your site – and take your goals into account, of course. And like with a medical check, you can be satisfied with one evaluation, or you can opt for a second and third opinion.

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Digital Strategy

Think and act innovatively: We support you with, for instance, the unique Magic Innovation Leadership Framework.


Because marketing doesn’t just happen online.

Market orientation checkup

With the specially developed “Six Diamond System,” we take an integral approach to checking your organization and market orientation and we give you detailed guidance for optimization.

Marketing Mix Development

The basis for efficient budgets: Professionally planning your entire marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion) fosters coherence and focused activities.

Product development for B2B services

How do you turn a replaceable commodity into a uniquely good service? We can help you.


Brand images can be a bit woolly, particularly with owner-operated businesses, because the owner’s mission statement hasn’t been identified or clearly defined. We help you set these vital cornerstones.

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Marketing & branding expert, founder & owner Kristin Reinbach

All our offers and services were created with a high-quality vision of marketing that I had for a long time - for my clients and as well as for my own projects: Solid and innovative marketing - based on state-of-the-art know-how and well-developed processes and structures.

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