Marketing Mix: Getting it done

Implementing your marketing mix:

Offline direct marketing

Never mind online – a well-designed mailing campaign can still be a highly effective tool in your marketing mix. We ensure brand match and effectiveness.

Interior Branding

We make sure that not only your customers experience your brand, but your employees – and you yourself – do, too.

Personal Visibility

Publications in appropriate media, visibility in the right channels, high-quality personal branding – you can rely on our experts’ help.


Processing times in office-based and field-sales departments are the huge efficiency gap of this day and age. Make sure your sales staff can concentrate on their core competency: personal sales.

Product development for B2B services

How do you turn a replaceable commodity into a uniquely good service? We can help you.

Internationalized Communication

Whizzing your texts through “Google Translate” can do more damage than good to your business. We ensure top intercultural quality when we internationalize your content from and into German and English, as well as other languages.

Resource-efficient approach:

You don’t always need to turn things upside down. It’s often enough to focus on the essentials. We help you tackle precisely the right areas at precisely the right level. And we’re happy to guide you from level to level, too.

We gather/check points that are relevant from a customer or market perspective. Potential for optimization is presented succinctly, ensuring that the key issues are addressed.
It may be enough to tidy and tune what you already have. This spares your resources, budget, and nerves. And it’s usually quick.
Common-sense new development that gives you space to grow, even in the fast-paced digital world.

"Makes collaboration
particularly flexible."

“Wow – that’s so clear.
We could have done with that ages ago.”

Professional project management:

A clear route
For each project, we develop a suitable overview at an appropriate level. From task list to roadmap or project plan.
Proactive working
Not self-evident for many, unfortunately – but for us it’s a given. If we’ve agreed a deadline, we stick to it. If any issues arise, we let you know immediately.
Flexible problem solving
One of our many strengths is creative problem solving. Feel free to integrate us into your organization, then we can support you even better.

Let’s talk.

Speaking one-on-one is the best way to find out if we’re on the same wavelength. The first consultation is free-of-charge and non-binding.

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