Marketing Strategy & Systems

Many people see strategy and marketing mix as a waste of time.

An expensive mistake. Because good forward planning empowers you to take a much more focused approach and optimizes your budget.
Marketing Strategy & Systems

Can we turn vagueness into something specific and motivating? Yes, we can.

In most cases, strategy and concept processes are the tasks of managers and facilitators. We – particularly founder and owner Kristin Reinbach with her background in management consulting – are well versed in developing processes that dovetail with an organization.

We can even coach non-marketing-savvy teams through such processes. We ensure that each person can contribute with his or her strengths and knowledge – so your company’s resources are optimally used.

Strategy & Concept

Digital Strategy

Think and act innovatively: We support you with, for instance, the unique Magic Innovation Leadership Framework.


Because marketing doesn’t just happen online.

Market orientation checkup

With the specially developed “Six Diamond System,” we take an integral approach to checking your organization and market orientation and we give you detailed guidance for optimization.

Marketing Mix Development

The basis for efficient budgets: Professionally planning your entire marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion) fosters coherence and focused activities.

Product development for B2B services

How do you turn a replaceable commodity into a uniquely good service? We can help you.


Brand images can be a bit woolly, particularly with owner-operated businesses, because the owner’s mission statement hasn’t been identified or clearly defined. We help you set these vital cornerstones.

Our secret weapons in strategy and concept processes

Marketing Strategy & Systems

If you thought Post-it notes were just harmless bits of paper,

then our first strategy or concept workshop together (either as one-on-one or with other team members) may convince you otherwise. They’re an extremely useful tool – for product development, marketing mix development, and sales strategy optimization.

By the way: What might look so simple to you or your team is based on expertise gathered over decades, mainly in the United States, from the fields of facilitation and creative problem solving – a considerably more flexible alternative to the much-hyped design thinking approach.

You’ll be amazed at the quality of thought, idea development, and decision making that’s possible in such a short space of time.

Resource-efficient approach:

You don’t always need to turn things upside down. It’s often enough to focus on the essentials. We help you tackle precisely the right areas at precisely the right level. And we’re happy to guide you from level to level, too.

We gather/check points that are relevant from a customer or market perspective. Potential for optimization is presented succinctly, ensuring that the key issues are addressed.
It may be enough to tidy and tune what you already have. This spares your resources, budget, and nerves. And it’s usually quick.
Common-sense new development that gives you space to grow, even in the fast-paced digital world.

Makes collaboration particularly flexible.

“Wow – that’s so clear.
We could have done with that ages ago.”

Professional project management:

A clear route
For each project, we develop a suitable overview at an appropriate level. From task list to roadmap or project plan.
Proactive working
Not self-evident for many, unfortunately – but for us it’s a given. If we’ve agreed a deadline, we stick to it. If any issues arise, we let you know immediately.
Flexible problem solving
One of our many strengths is creative problem solving. Feel free to integrate us into your organization, then we can support you even better.

Let’s talk.

Speaking one-on-one is the best way to find out if we’re on the same wavelength. The first consultation is free-of-charge and non-binding.

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