Research & Testing: Overview

Facts rather than speculation

At the end of the day, only customers can say (or show, for example, with data!) what they want and what they don’t want. Then you know where to invest your energy and budgets.
Research & Testing: Overview

Online Testing

UX Tests

Before a new or revamped online presence goes live, it’s important to check the user experience and optimize it right away, if necessary. This is the one big thing you can do to make sure your relaunch budget is well-spent.

UX: Mystery Shopping

The online version of the undercover shopper from the old days: a highly effective method, especially for online shops, to test customer-relevant processes and websites in context.

UX: Expert Evaluations

The logical interim step in or before a relaunch: Web design and user experience experts produce an evaluation of your site – and take your goals into account, of course. And like with a medical check, you can be satisfied with one evaluation, or you can opt for a second and third opinion.

B2B Market Research


Ask customers what they think: ideal for all projects and products that are not TOO innovative and/or are sufficiently concretized.



We take a completely neutral view of the world from the outside – regardless of industries, unrestrained by the messages you want to convey. So we give you the insights on which you can base your future business.

Market orientation checkup

With the specially developed “Six Diamond System,” we take an integral approach to checking your organization and market orientation and we give you detailed guidance for optimization.

Brand Optimizing Check Up

How well positioned is your brand identity to reach your customers now and in the future? Does the concept fit the target audience? How aligned is your brand image? Are they any gaps?

Let’s talk.

Speaking one-on-one is the best way to find out if we’re on the same wavelength. The first consultation is free-of-charge and non-binding.