Web-Design & Digital Marketing

Your worthy representation online.

A good website is like a fantastic salesperson: It sells your things when you’re not there.
Web-Design & Digital Marketing
Web-Design & Digital Marketing

The web design for krysalis consult conveys clarity and lightness in the complex working environment of managers.

Web-Design & Digital Marketing

Pimp my Company is an online magazine for entrepreneurs. Colors and a snazzy format bring vitality to dry subjects.

Web-Design & Digital Marketing

This online shop based on Shopify provides a high-quality shopping environment for digital content.

Know where you stand with web design:

UX Tests

Before a new or revamped online presence goes live, it’s important to check the user experience and optimize it right away, if necessary. This is the one big thing you can do to make sure your relaunch budget is well-spent.

UX: Mystery Shopping

The online version of the undercover shopper from the old days: a highly effective method, especially for online shops, to test customer-relevant processes and websites in context.

UX: Expert Evaluations

The logical interim step in or before a relaunch: Web design and user experience experts produce an evaluation of your site – and take your goals into account, of course. And like with a medical check, you can be satisfied with one evaluation, or you can opt for a second and third opinion.

Optimize or redesign websites:

Online Shops e.g. Shopify

Shop pages can no longer afford to look dull and decrepit. We often recommend Shopify, because it offers an all-round brand experience – not just online, but also at the POS.

Jimdo: Setup & Optimization

You don’t always need WordPress & Co. for an impressive online presence. Less complex systems such as Jimdo might be able to show the quality of your work as well. We advise you on selecting other systems such as Wix or Squarespace.

WordPress Page Setup

The modular system for websites: We love it, because it grows individually with your brand and business model.

Resource-efficient approach:

You don’t always need to turn things upside down. It’s often enough to focus on the essentials. We help you tackle precisely the right areas at precisely the right level. And we’re happy to guide you from level to level, too.

We gather/check points that are relevant from a customer or market perspective. Potential for optimization is presented succinctly, ensuring that the key issues are addressed.
It may be enough to tidy and tune what you already have. This spares your resources, budget, and nerves. And it’s usually quick.
Common-sense new development that gives you space to grow, even in the fast-paced digital world.

Makes collaboration particularly flexible.

“Wow – that’s so clear.”
“We could have done with that ages ago.”

Professional project management:

A clear route
For each project, we develop a suitable overview at an appropriate level. From task list to roadmap or project plan.
Proactive working
Not self-evident for many, unfortunately – but for us it’s a given. If we’ve agreed a deadline, we stick to it. If any issues arise, we let you know immediately.
Flexible problem solving
One of our many strengths is creative problem solving. Feel free to integrate us into your organization, then we can support you even better.

Let’s talk.

Speaking one-on-one is the best way to find out if we’re on the same wavelength. The first consultation is free-of-charge and non-binding.

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