Who wants average?

Lately, I’ve dipped my toes in the wide sea of entrepreneurial self-help literature – and – even though at some point this one seems to go a bit over the top – the e-book “The 10 Times Rule” by Grant Gardone has some really interesting pieces of thoughts to offer.

One of them being: “Who would want average?”

Would you ever try to sell a product by saying

“Look at this – it’s great at being .. well… average?”

Grant Gardone connects this with the idea that you should set yourself high aims – not to stress you out from the beginning but with the purpose of those goals being really inspiring.

A twofold message is contained here:

  • a) When you create a product, don’t go for average – go for ‘great’.
  • b) When you think about your marketing and sales don’t think

‘well let’s do that somehow and get over with it’ but think of

  • ‘how can we do sales in a great way?’
  • ‘how can our marketing stand out by inspiring our audience?’

Being over-average is not to be taken lightly.

My own experience from coaching entrepreneurs is that this is exactly where the majority will withdraw:

Going back to the ‘normal’, the ‘standard’ ways – because these measures just FEEL better, you’re part of the ‘normal’ crowd then.

Who wnats average, a strong message about branding and positioning and being bold about it

It takes boldness to do things differently.

This is what over-average is about:

Creating a positive delta of being/doing something better than the rest.

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