The o8 Lab

Failing Quickly. Failing Forward. 

We are testing new methods and things so you don’t have to.

We are testing new methods and things, so you don’t have to.
At OVERW8 we love that the digitally driven world is such a fast-paced and quickly developing scenery. If we would be waiting around for trying new things, finding new and better solutions to problems til the moment clients ask for it, it would probably already be too late. So this is why we keep eyes actively open for new exciting developments and megatrends, test new tools as soon as possible so we can give our clients recommendations that really work and don’t just look sexy.

BTW: Quite often that kind of hints even come free of charge and deliver lots of on-the-side value add if you work with us.

Currently on our watch/research plate:

  • ICO Marketing – how can you make it work?
  • Blockchain-y things – what’s going on? What is BS and what not?
  • Instagram Story Ad Campaign for Highly Special target groups: Is it possible and IF what is the leverage?
  • Social Media Dashboards that do ALL the job (or: Why do we still need three of them?)
  • Budget Calculation Tool: helps you to secure the correct investment sum from the beginning


  • How to do SEO with  quality (Club of Happy Lifepreneurs)
  • Sales Automation Tools… what do they need to do and which ones do it?
  • Website Platforms… does it always need to be WordPress? (even though we love it so much?)