Kunsträume am See

A new look for a cultural institution.

Client: KunstRäume am See
Date: 2019
Services: Rebranding, Website Makeover, Social Media, Donation Functionality

Long before this cooperation…

…owner Kristin Reinbach, like most people in the area, knew of the wonderful events that Elisabeth Carr hosted as curator of the KunstRäume am See Gallery. Always in special locations and with special ideas, KunstRäume am See events play a crucial role when it comes to the flair at the Starnberg lake. For OVERW8 it was an opportunity to support something local with our skills.

OVERW8s contribution here:

Website Makeover (WordPress)
Social Media
Donation Functionality
Simple, airy, elegant

The Rebranding

KunstRäume am See and founder Elisabeth Carr are very interwoven. Her visions combine old stories and places with a modern way of thinking and perspective. Even a classical concert doesn’t need to be that classical. KunstRäume am See events are always special: Never, in that they have to brag about it that, but with sovereignty, unpretentious, confident and without fake elitism.

The timelessness, elegance…

…but also the open doors for human and spirit were supposed to be visible. The logo played a very central and symbolic role, which is why we paid extra attention to that.

New Logo

New Look

Josefin Sans was just the right font for the message in this case: Clean and elegant, timeless but with a touch of Art Deco.


The Key Visual

The characteristic picture with the doors was beautiful, but had become a little dusty. It was slightly polished and can now continue to accompany KunstRäume am See for the next 10-20 years.


Updating the Website

When we first had a look at the existing page, it looked a little bit like a dusty attic. Spam (even the dangerous kind) had collected, because there were no regular updates and the safety measures were way to low.

Diverse WordPress plugins had been layered on top of each other, adding an event had become unnecessarily complicated and the page was overall bulky.

So, Step 1:

Cleaning up.

Saving crucial content (mainly the events).

Set up completely new.


New structure

The old page was a little like an old house: Over time more and more content had accumulated, organically connected to each other. Sadly it was perceived unnecessarily “full” because of that – which would not have fit the new airy branding and perception we had in mind.

So we simply cleaned it out and focussed on the crucial elements:

  • the artists
  • the locations
  • the events
  • the woman behind it all

In order to make it as clean and uniform as possible, we set up ‘Custom Content Types’ in the background and sorted the old data accordingly.

The Core


Events and information regarding events are the main part of the content for KunstRäume am See.

That’s why we created a) a new plugin and b) a new functionality,, with which one could easily add new events without WordPress skills. Depending on the client and situation the wishes are completely different in regards to wether or how they want to be able to edit the content on their own. This way KunstRäume am See is completely independent from outside support in this regard.

Corona Special

Adding a Donation Option

Due to the Corona crisis, the events planned throughout summer 2020 couldn’t take place.

To support them, OVERW8 offered to add and configure a donation functionality for free.

Communicating clearly

Social Media

All set for the future

As Claudia von Blücher so nicely writes about KunstRäume am See:

The movement of KunstRäume am See from place to place shows the change that everything is subjected to. Fixed shapes are an illusion. This is the deep belief that Elisabeth Carr confronts with curiosity and excitement.

With that mindset and a ‘new dress’, Elisabeth and KunstRäume am See should be well prepared for even the unknown of waters..

We wish them all the best!

Made with LOVE , Brains & Skill by o8.