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What type of website do people want now? (and what do they need)

[This is a question OVERW8 Owner Kristin Reinbach answered on Quora.] You probably also know the saying: “Sell them what they want, give them what they need”. What they WANT is very often: Quick, cheap – and once it’s set up never having to touch it again. 10 years ago that might have been ok, […]

Inspirierendes Zitat von Konfuzius, um Montags den Hintern leichter wieder hoch zu krigen

Hintern Hoch Konfuzius-Style

Nach einem Wochenende voller Harmonie und Kuschelmodus ist es Montags gar nicht so leicht, wieder in den Produktiv- und Tackle-Modus zu wechseln, oder? Dieses Zitat kann helfen… 🙂

Digital tools: How they could put your brand touchpoints at risk

If not used carefully, the use of digital tools could rob your brand off its branding. How can that be? Well, if you think about branding happening at every touch point, then also touch points such as invoices, support email, etc. will naturally create or diffuse the awareness of your brand. In the past, it […]

The main differentiator between all things good and evil

Last week on  LinkedIn the owners of a company celebrating its 85 birthday were asked what they thought was the root of their success. Their answer was: „It’s about the team spirit – all putting their best on the plate. And also about the strict commitment to quality.“ This response spoke immediately to me because for […]

Localization: Never underestimate its challenges

Never underestimate the power of excellent localization. Even within the seemingly same culture, there are lots of micro-cultures and even more regional cultures. Culture shows itself most obviously in… language. To be a bit more precise: The use of specific words or terms. Let’s have a look at this chart showing in which U.S. states […]