How to marry the craft of marketing with entrepreneurship.

As a team, each of its members brings his/her craft to the table. Besides that we rely on a shared highly entrepreneurial mindset that has evolved as these 12 pillars:

  1.  Our business as a digital agency is a SERVICE BUSINESS. 
    We are friendly, respectful, helpful! No. matter. what. 
  2. We think and act GLOBAL.
    The globe is our home and we speak the world’s language at work: English. 
  3. RESULTS – they are the only thing that matters in the end.
    Is the task complete – or not? Is the aimed-for effect achieved or not? Pretty much 1/0 – as in coding. We. Get. Shit. Done! We make it happen. 
  4. CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING is key to our success.
    If a first approach didn’t work out, we look for another angle. We always strive for solid, sustainable solutions, not the quick fix. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 
    We strongly believe that a diverse team is a golden ticket. That way, we can truly use different influences, ways of thinking, and backgrounds to keep inspiring one another and our clients. 
  6. INTEGRITY: We keep our promises!
    Whether we made them to the team or our clients. 
    We work remotely. That gives us a lot of freedom, but it also comes with a price. Each and every one of us needs to be reliable, independent, and aware of priorities and to-dos at all times. No one needs to motivate us or tell us what to do when, because we got that figured on your own. 
  8. Exact COMMUNICATION is key!
    Not just for our customers, but also within our team. Clear and open communication is what we are built on. Great communication skills are so decisive as we work nearly 100% remotely and often asynchronous. Amazing tools such as Slack, Asana, and other tools help a  lot, but the content and its quality are still up to us. 
    We are lucky to be a tight-knit team and we can learn lots with and from each other. With OVERW8, you will never be limited to your job description. You are free to participate and learn in other fields as well. Your point of view is valued and as part of our core team, you will get insights into all parts of our work. If you play your cards right and have enough curiosity, you could learn a lot about different subjects. 
  10. Responsibility for LIFELONG LEARNING.
    We are each humble masters of our crafts. No matter how much we know, there is always room to improve, room to grow, room to learn, room to develop and be your best self. We encourage this in our team members and consider learning something new each week, each day a privilege, not a burden. 
  11. For us, there is always a NEXT LEVEL.
    Even though we know when to be pragmatic. Still, we are constantly ready to go the extra step, be that tiny bit better, keep our eyes on the next level, and are inspired by that potential. 
  12. As a company, we are a MERITOCRACY.
    We don’t judge, unless positively for skills, behaviors, contribution. Your worth is determined by what you can add to the process. Nothing else.