The Story

o8 was not always a digital agency.

The company was established as the digital publishing division of krysalis consult (owner Kristin Reinbach’s first company) in 2012. It was called “krysalis publishing” then and set up to create and sell self-learning tools for adults. Within that company, innovative projects found their place. Online platforms, several ebooks, and lots of digital content and media were created, and specialised digital media expertise was built.

The Marketing Agency Entrepreneurs Have Always Dreamed Of

For years, Kristin witnessed the work of other agencies. She became aware that this was the reason she had always implemented marketing projects within the company: Their offerings just did not fit the real needs of an entrepreneur.

Too much was missing: in-depth marketing and sales knowledge, conceptual and strategic skills, at least some decent project management, reliability in budgets, independence, the ability to work with the client on an engaging team level, transparence for competent decision making, and, last but not least, either digital or offline competence.

So, in 2016, Kristin decided to take a bold step forward and go out there to tackle that gap. The existing competencies of the two companies were to be remarried. From now on, there would be a fair, hands-on and high-quality marketing partner for entrepreneurs, by the name of OVERW8. OVERW8 would become the digital agency serving entrepreneurs in the pragmatic, profound and fair way that Kristin had always wished for her endeavours.

“Ever since that turnaround decision to reposition as the entrepreneurs’ marketing agency, we’ve been lucky to feel extremely useful with our day-to-day work.

It feels great to make ideas and products as visible and effective in the market as possible.

We are now exceptionally well equipped to help a lot more entrepreneurs put daring plans into action.”

Kristin Reinbach, CEO at OVERW8

A no-bullshit all-about-results attitude: It’s all in the name

The agency’s name “OVERW8” [overweight] was inspired by stock market terminology. Only a stock that has the potential to outperform in terms of company value over time is awarded the label “overweight”. In the U.S., already today stock market evaluations draw on dimensions such as customer value and brand value. So this criterion seemed to be a good landmark for business owners with big plans for their businesses.

OVERW8 services now comprise everything that helps companies from the market side to create customer value, brand value and company value in a sustainable way.

“Stressed people get something wrong.
Their work does not amuse them

Karl Lagerfeld

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