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We are always on the lookout for new and/or experienced talent, mostly for our ever-expanding leverage team. Feel free to drop us some info here:


It doesn’t need to be formal but thought through: What can you offer? For what deal? Where can we see your work? You get the idea.

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    Of course, you are not obliged to give this information now. However, if you do so, it will ease the process and make our input in the first call much more valuable. Moreover, your information will always be handled confidentially.

    Are branding and positioning already set up?

    *Before Go2Market: It’s all more or less in your head. The “only thing” left to do is giving it contour. Get it out there. / Before Proof of Concept: Not getting rich yet ;), not even breaking even, but clear first results from the market emerge, proving the company will get there, sooner or later. / Before break even: Making money, fulfilling orders, gaining traction, but still not in the black. / After break-even: Breathing is easier now, but more profits would be nice.