Back to the Roofs 2022 | Reinvoking the power of a sleeping (brand) giant

Celebrating the Iconic Brand Design by Otl Aicher: 50 Years Olympic Summer Games Munich 1972

This article is part of something bigger – i.e., our “design trendwatch whitepaper” celebrating the iconic brand design German designer Otl Aicher and his team developed and filled with life. Would you have guessed a story about design would include the story of positive change, of evil roots providing the soil to silently but effectively build something new? We were also as surprised as hooked – and we’re happy to share these timeless insights as inspiration for using great brand design as a way to build the future. Get to know more about it and maybe join us in that endeavor!

Happy End

Back to the Roofs: European Championships in Munich 2022

For me, this is the happy end that is just a re-beginning.

This summer, Munich hosted several European Championships at once. The sun played along and the atmosphere was captivating – reminding people about the excellence and spirit we humans can display – after years of pandemic angst plus difficult worries on the horizon.

Check out some pics here and we highly recommend visiting the City of Munich page.

Pictures in this section by Tobias Braun.


A selection of Munich 2022 European Games looks (sources:

This is chapter 5 of 6 of our Design Trendwatch special about Otl Aicher and his iconic brand design for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich – check out the other parts here:

Or, if you’d like to enjoy the full-blown beauty of this nicely layouted whitepaper, be sure to download it here now:

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