Who wants average?

Lately, I’ve dipped my toes in the wide sea of entrepreneurial self-help literature – and – even though at some point this one seems to go a bit over the top – the e-book “The 10 Times Rule” by Grant Gardone has some really interesting pieces of thoughts to offer.

One of them being: “Who would want average?”

Would you ever try to sell a product by saying

“Look at this – it’s great at being .. well… average?”

Grant Gardone connects this with the idea that you should set yourself high aims – not to stress you out from the beginning but with the purpose of those goals being really inspiring.

A twofold message is contained here:

  • a) When you create a product, don’t go for average – go for ‘great’.
  • b) When you think about your marketing and sales don’t think

‘well let’s do that somehow and get over with it’ but think of

  • ‘how can we do sales in a great way?’
  • ‘how can our marketing stand out by inspiring our audience?’

Being over-average is not to be taken lightly.

My own experience from coaching entrepreneurs is that this is exactly where the majority will withdraw:

Going back to the ‘normal’, the ‘standard’ ways – because these measures just FEEL better, you’re part of the ‘normal’ crowd then.

Who wnats average, a strong message about branding and positioning and being bold about it

It takes boldness to do things differently.

This is what over-average is about:

Creating a positive delta of being/doing something better than the rest.

Kristin Reinbach

As the owner of agency „OVERW8“ and building on more than 20 years experience in marketing, Kristin is consistently thinking along the terms of ‚customer value‘, ‚brand value‘ as well as business models. Consistently meaning when she’s out for dinner, sitting in a cosy ski hut as well as having a sundowner wine at a vineyard. Like this, it’s simple logic that her primary job now is to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams with this know-how to create more brand value, more customer value and thus more company value. She’s sharing some of these nuggets here on OVERW8’s blog.

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