Localization: Never underestimate its challenges

Never underestimate the power of excellent localization.

Even within the seemingly same culture, there are lots of micro-cultures and even more regional cultures.

Culture shows itself most obviously in… language.

To be a bit more precise: The use of specific words or terms.

Let’s have a look at this chart showing in which U.S. states which term for a soft drink like a refreshing lemonade would be considered ‘normal’:

localization in brand communication - it is not only needed cross borders - an inspiration by OVERW8, digital agency adding more brand and customer value to your companies' success
[Source: Huffington Post / Alan McConchie]
The faster, the more powerful your brand communication is aimed to be the more careful one should choose THE right word that immediately connects with your audience.

Within an instant, your target group should feel that you know their world and their needs. Using THEIR language is a potent symbol that creates that perception subtly, yet effective.

When was the last time that you felt the language of a certain brand felt weird?

Where could you locate invisible borders within your market?

How can you show your target group that you know about their specialities?


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