Now is the Time to Double Down on Relationships

[LESETIPP] Was wäre, wenn mein (Bricks-and-Mortar) Business Abonnenten hätte?

Hier gibt es einen spannenden Gedanken im Bereich Business Development. Warum nicht ’normale‘ Leistung, die sich aber wiederholen, als fairgepreiste Abos anbieten?

Just as a thought experiment, think about how you would run your small business “as a service.” A tier-based plan might make sense. If you’re looking for a great case study, check out Keep It Cut, a chain of subscription-based barbershops in Phoenix. They have monthly haircut plans starting at $29 a month for the Regular (unlimited haircuts) all the way up to $44 a month for the Whole Hog (unlimited haircuts, washes, and grooming).

Build those relationships. Support, or if you can, subscribe to your local businesses.

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