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Make your plans reality
Marketing Strategy & Branding

We develop your brand identity WITH you, not for you. Step-by-step, we work together to transform yet-foggy ideas into tangible reality. We often use workshops. The process – which participants invariably find fun and which is highly effective – and its results is structured and coached by us for you.

Go-to Market

In most cases, strategy and concept processes are the tasks of managers and facilitators. We – particularly founder and owner Kristin Reinbach with her background in management consulting – are well versed in developing processes that dovetail with an organization.


Getting something done once is a success but just the beginning. How can you make sure that lots of these processes, of these clients, will be handled successfully? Or more target groups, languages, a line extension shall be added? We help you keep heads over water and eat the elephant bite by bite.

Next Level / Scale

Get your business ready for (massive) growth. Sometimes you and your business might have hit a comfortable plateau. But then… there is still more to be reached, to be tackled. Potential that wants to be fulfilled. We help you break away from the past, refine your legacy and brand for the future. Get your business ready for growth.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Yes, we love all things digital. However, even in the digital environment the old rules of marketing craft still apply.

That is why we’re not afraid of going back to the old school pages whenever they help our clients to produce the best results.

With us it is neither digital OR offline, it is “also” if it adds to your result.

Who we work for

We are a reliable partner in all market-relevant areas of entrepreneurship. Our clients receive the coaching from us to prepare them for the Business World Olympics.

We love working with those guys and chicas – they are amazing people eager to make their vision a reality. As diverse as their stories and businesses are, all of them are bold and never content with the status quo. We help them go for calculated risks and love provoking their success. Like this, often we basically become part of their team.

What they say

We were given tips that are easy to implement & very effective. What we have already done has already made a big impact, leading to an increase in customer and candidate inquiries. All in all, a big added value for us.

Angelika Tabak Owner, Selectancy IT Recruitment

Finally, all that we worked for for years became visible. And for all that only a short time and few agreements needed. Highly recommended.


Analytical and creatively courageous. I not only got solutions that I could use for my new business, but also the experience of a great collaboration that always filled me with energy.

Eszter Debreczeni Owner, esthra hr orchestration

Now I finally have the good feeling that my interests have been really taken care of, thinking along and financially fair and transparent.

Dr. Daniel Schröder Owner, Schröder Lawyers

This marketing brought so much inspiration, new know-how and effectively speed - all of which is in high demand in my entrepreneurial everyday business building my own practice.

Astrid Menzinger Owner ``Der sanfte Weg``

As a filmmaker characteristic branding and the corresponding website is as difficult as it is important. All the nicer that OVERW8 and its owner Kristin took care of it. With a great deal of commitment and sensitivity for the strengths of my portfolio, my homepage received an effective makeover. Suddenly, the same contents gained clarity and strength. A big THANK YOU!

Christoph Redl CEO Evaluation Media

We have repeatedly and effectively been using the expertise and innovative methods of OVERW8 to focus and refine our digital activities: Through benchmarking for city portals, deep down focus groups to ensure connection with user needs or for the the prelaunch finetuning through UX tests.

Dirk Adam Citizen Participation

Excellent consulting and individual coaching. Our branding sessions delivered a huge value-add for us. Thanks so much!

Florian Hübner Owner & Founder
Starnberg, Munich, Globe.

Our creative heart is rooted in Starnberg, close to the Bavarian lakes and mountains. A territory that is rich with a long history of creative people creating lasting results.

A great combination with the cosmopolitan city of Munich just some steps away. 

Mentally, we are solidly rooted in a global mindset nurtured by the diverse backgrounds of our core team members.


Our core team takes care of getting things done, leveraging quality working forces with handpicked freelancers from all around the world.

We make

Let’s tackle this.

What are you and your business up to these days?

Let’s have a (video) call to discuss your plans (if logistically feasible, we might meet up for a coffee). 30 mins. of conversation and input for your plans by CEO Kristin Reinbach personally is still available these days. It is completely free of charge and entirely without any obligations.

So why not arrange for that call rather sooner than later?


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