Don’t mistake the wheel for the car

This sentence wrote a colleague of mine in such a nicely laconic way when someone asked about doing SEO and only SEO. That person was convinced that if she’s doing SEO ‘right’, then – magically – she’s got her digital marketing (and of course her monetisation) sorted. Unfortunately, without a bigger picture, it would not even be possible to say what kind of SEO was right for her business if you don’t connect this with a bigger picture – her goals, her market, her products, her target group.

Indeed it’s a common misconception people have when it comes to digital marketing and also digital sales. There are several reasons for that, only one is because there are so many people out there trying to sell you their stuff whether it’s Facebook Ads or SEO.

No one of them would be interested in reflecting whether this speciality will be needed for your project.

You need to have a concept for the car first – and then go ahead and collect and put together the single parts and crafts.

Really good marketing works the same.

Or if you’re not so into cars, let’s put it this way: You can go ahead and place spots of colour onto a piece of paper – but without a bigger concept to which picture this colour spot will add life to, the colour spot is just that: A colour spot. It lacks connection and purpose. The painting project will end up as so many marketing endeavours do: Unrelated actions that don’t add up to one goal.

Not only is this very unsatisfying as you never get to get a real picture or a satisfying one at that, but also it will spread your budget into the air – instead of focussing it.

Start with the car, not with the wheel.

  • A photographer might have a very keen eye for high-quality visuals – and still, she’s not a web-designer.
  • A graphic designer delivers design, not marketing.
  • A logo is not a brand – only one element of creating one.
  • Doing SEO is NOT online marketing.
  • All these might be necessary parts of your marketing – but in itself, they are only wheels.

Start with the car, not the wheel!

What is your bigger picture?

Did you figure out your wheels?


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