The Inhabitants of Your Brand World

“You would choose your favorite cafè as an unmistakable sign of your identity.”

– Gabriel Garcìa Marquez

It was a bit like that in my hometown, too – can you recognize it in your city, too? :))

Consider cafès in #paris #london #nyc #berlin #munich today – it’s still the same, right?

Sometimes in #mannheim (aka my freaky lovely innovative hometown), you could even tell by having a short look at people whether they would rather go to cafè A, B or C.

  • To which cafè will you go this weekend – and what does this say about you?
  • To which cafè or club will you NOT go – and why? What WOULD this say about you?

How does that connect to branding or marketing?

More than you would probably guess.

When you’re building a brand, you’re in reality creating a little (or bigger?) universe – and this world should be set up in a way that your favorite (and best paying ;)) customers LOVE to spend their time there and come back, bring their friends… etc.

So… think about your brand like this:

What kind of people should that world attract – and what will be attractive to these people?

One more hint: Often a terrible mistake is made when it comes to reaching ‘upper-class target groups’. NO – “they” don’t naturally gather round magnum bottles of Champagne. *LOL*

If you still feel tempted to market that way… let’s try to find more subtle ways.…;) …:)))

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Kristin Reinbach

As the owner of agency „OVERW8“ and building on more than 20 years experience in marketing, Kristin is consistently thinking along the terms of ‚customer value‘, ‚brand value‘ as well as business models. Consistently meaning when she’s out for dinner, sitting in a cosy ski hut as well as having a sundowner wine at a vineyard. Like this, it’s simple logic that her primary job now is to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams with this know-how to create more brand value, more customer value and thus more company value. She’s sharing some of these nuggets here on OVERW8’s blog.

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