Why not?

The “Why not?” attitude is such an essential part of an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Whenever people get that particular look that says:

“Why should YOU of all people get this crazy project off the ground?” mentally draw your “Why not” card.

Maybe mark this pic so you can get back to it whenever it is needed (and we all know it will probably be more often than not, isn’t it?).

Kristin Reinbach

As the owner of agency „OVERW8“ and building on more than 20 years experience in marketing, Kristin is consistently thinking along the terms of ‚customer value‘, ‚brand value‘ as well as business models. Consistently meaning when she’s out for dinner, sitting in a cosy ski hut as well as having a sundowner wine at a vineyard. Like this, it’s simple logic that her primary job now is to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams with this know-how to create more brand value, more customer value and thus more company value. She’s sharing some of these nuggets here on OVERW8’s blog.

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